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MAC Sculpting Powder-Shadowy-REVIEW

The Ultimate Contour powder

 MAC Sculpting Powder, MAC shadowy, Contour powder, bronzer When I was younger I remember seeing my cousin putting on bronzer. I go “what is that? That powder looks too dark for you”. – She goes “No, no it’s a bronzer, its post to make you look more tan”. WELL!!! I had no idea what I was doing and applied it all over my face! – Please don’t do this- you’ll look like you applied mud all over your face.

Today’s topic is bronzing/contouring! So why do we bronze and contour? –It’s a technique we do to shape our face. Giving it dimensions. Looks FANTASTIC in photos! – My favorite part? It hides your double chin =) Bronzing VS Contouring= Bronzing just warms up the face giving you color and that summer tan glow like the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Contouring is more detailed sculpting your face making it look thinner looking like the Kardashians.

 MAC Sculpting Powder, MAC shadowy, Contour powder, bronzer6 g / 0.21 US oz

MAC Sculpting Powder-Shadowy $16.50, this is a PRO Mac product, meaning you can only get it at the PRO Mac store (a special MAC store very few available) OR MAC  online. Shadowy is a matte ashy dark tone brown contour powder.

PACKING: This product comes in a small envelope like –like the MAC single eye shadows .

PERFORMACE: This product applies smooth, and blends very nice. The face that there is no shimmer/glitter it’s Perfect for contouring. The first swatch can be sheer but it buildings up beautifully without looking caking. = Basically NO COMPLAINTS.  MAC Sculpting Powder, MAC shadowy, Contour powder, MAC shadowy swatch Shade/Color= this is one of the darkest contour powders I have ever seen. Which is great for girls with deeper/tan skin. You want your contour to look like a shadow making it look more natural compare to a orangey bronzer.

Let’s Compare . . .

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Younique’s Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes – REVIEW

younique, younique 3d fiber mascara, mascara, fiber mascara, lashes, beauty tip, beauty review

Are You Ready for the Future Lashes?

I think there’s one thing we can all agree on. We ALL want BIG BEAUTIFUL lashes…. So when I saw Younique 3D Lash Mascara on beauty blogs. I go -“I HAVE TO TRY THIS”.

Thanks to Sheri from Younique , I get to review and put this mascara to the test for you guys.

My history with mascaras: I have VERY Very VERY short wimpy lashes. So I’ve used everything from high-end to low end. You named it I used it. I used Benefit, Dior, Lancome, Drugstore brands.

And they are all GREAT mascaras- but my problem isn’t just performance. It’s my sensitive eyes.

So as you can see I am on the hunt for something that can save my short lashes.

younique, younique 3d fiber mascara, mascara, fiber mascara, lashes, beauty tip, beauty review

Let’s start out with the company. Younique is really a “Unique” company.

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YSL stick concealer, YSL multi-action concealer, YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNESSo before we talked about how great multi-tasking products can be. Today, we are talking about the YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNES – Multi-Action Concealer retails for $37. Fancy isn’t it?

Concealers are one of those things you can use over and over. You can conceal blemishes, under eye circles, scars… and so on. But don’t you wish you can have it all?

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