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Empty Palettes-Comparisons

Let’s Free-style!!– Palettes that is…

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What if I told you can design and create your own palette? With the perfect shadows, blushes, and your go to lip color?

This is where the empty palette comes in. Empty Palettes have been a staple not even to makeup artists out there but to the everyday girl like you and me. Who should benefit from these palettes the most? Makeup Junkies!!! Can you imagine carrying ALL that makeup everywhere!?

 Today’s post will be on today’s most popular empty palettes. This will help you decide which palette is right for you and which brand should you go with.

mac palette, mac original palette

MAC Palette, $16
This was my first empty palette. I’ve used it for a year before giving it back to my aunt. This was one of the first high-end empty palettes out on the market. Every makeup artist will have this in their collection. This palette was matte black with the plain MAC logo on the front. You can either buy an insert for 15 eye shadows OR 6 blushes OR simply go Free-styling and have your makeup roam freely. This was a very light-weight simple on the go palette. It’s thin enough that it never takes up room while traveling or storage. – This palette has been discontinued and is no longer available.

So what’s the problem? It’s TOO light-weight. I can’t tell you how many MAC eye shadows I broke when I had this palette. And those eye shadows weren’t cheap! Even when I haven’t dropped the palette I would open it and see my eye shadows broken into a million pieces. *Heart Ache* – This palette was so depressing to me I had to return it back to my aunt. (who I originally took it from hehe)

– Note: Please correct me if the price is incorrect.

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