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Let me start off by saying my first name is Nancy, but all my online name goes by Ncy. Why? because I want to be different. i have always used that as my online name and people who personally knew me knows that so they know who exactly Ncy is.So… who is Ncy? I’m orginally from a tiny town in the middle of no where of KS. Called Dodge City, YES! dodge city is REAL! I always felt like I was nobody. I grew up with pretty, popular girls that are very social. I was the odd one out. I’ve always wished I had someone to teach me how to apply makeup or do my hair.  Being from a small country town it was hard being able to express my love for makeup. We didn’t have access to higher end makeup, there was no way of getting any beauty education, fashion was not a priority there. But by turning to the internet such as YouTube, beauty blogs, magazines, books by makeup artistry books. I was able to turn my hobby into part of my daily lifestyle. I am here to help those who want to be helped and to feel at least pretty once at least once in their life.

-Ncy ❤


5 responses to “INFO

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Sharon9918cooking here. Please get back to me concerning the 3D Fiber Mascara!!

    Thank you,


  2. Ncy,I’ve been following your blog and I think it’s really interesting! I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 You can find my questions for you here!:


    • Aw thank you! I actually just got the liebster award and I was gonna nominate you! Lol I already got the shine on award but I’ll put your name on my blog also so you’ll be featured 😄


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