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She Does Have Brows!

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My eye brow tint experience

Sometimes I wish I can roll outta bed and look like a movie star every morning. WELL! Life doesn’t work like that. Since I was little I suffered from something called “No brows”. The symptoms calls for very sparse light eyebrows and when you take flash photography your eyebrows disappear. YIKES!

Treatment? Some people who suffer from this tried using growth serum. Could be pricey… Some people got permanent eyebrows. AKA tattoos. – I don’t know about you guys but I’m too scared of commitment to do that.

Solution? – It took me awhile to get here but I discover a way I can meet the middle ground. I found TINTED BROWs…!!!

What is tinted brows? Tinted brows is the application of dying your eyebrows so they’ll appear to be more noticeable.

So I did my research, and I came across The Spa at Plaza Cortez

The Spa Plaza Cortez
The Spa Plaza Cortez

The Spa at Plaza Cortez is located north west Austin. Where I met Robin and her husband Terry. They been running The Spa at Plaza Cortez for 9 years! I have to admit I was quite nervous when I went to my appointment but Robin and Terry were very welcoming and friendly which made the process went by easier.The spa was very comfortable and warming. I loved how they have multiple rooms for parties such as bachelorette parties, birthdays, and so on. They offer tons of services for a reasonable price.

Now on to the brows!

The SpaPlaza Cortez


  1. You lie down on a massage bed while the esthetician examines your brow color. Depending on hair and skin tone.
  2. Next, the esthetician applies the dye on your brows and cleaning the around the unwanted dye around the skin.
  3. Wait 5-8 mins.- trying not to fall asleep. ZZzzZ…
  4. The esthetician wipes off the dye. Waxes the eyebrow. And WaH-LA! Eyebrows!


  • Tinted brows will allow you to get ready faster since they are already shaped and defined.You’ll be out the door and on time for work!
  • Lazy days- Who wouldn’t love that! Go with NO makeup but at least you’ll have brows!
  • Natural looking
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks- No commitment or long term contracts but long enough for a while without re-doing.


  • Some salons depending where the appointment could take up to 30 mins.
  • Depending on who applies the dye and the dye itself, I read that the dye could stain the skin over a period of time.
  • Could look harsh- IF not done correctly
  • Some salons charge up to $30 for an application.

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Final Say: I really enjoyed my time at the Spa at Plaza Cortez. The process was quick and easy, The best part? They give a $10 discount to new customers. Making my total of $2! What can you get now these days with $2?! -Other than McDonald’s. – I will be back for more services =) –The spa not McDonald’s!

I feel more confident walking out the door bare face. BUT! Keep in mind because it is so natural looking you will still need to apply brow product when you apply a full face of makeup. This is great for people who have wimpy brows like me. But if you have thick eyebrows it’s still great because it covers the missing patches of hair making your brows more full and even.

-I REALLY recommend you doing a good research of salons before you go out and get this done. You don’t want to walk out with the wrong shade or TOO much brows.

End of story… I live happily ever after with brows =)











Update: It has been 3 weeks since I got my brows done. So far, they have faded from the first day but not so dramatic that they aren’t there but I am not sure if my brows would last up to 6 weeks without touching up. I don’t mind going back to touch up its the matter if I have time to go back. Sometimes my brows feel itchy. Feels like the tattoo process.-but overall I’m still glad I got them done.


Disclaimer: I was told I got permission from Terry and Robin to use their photos from their website.