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It’s Here . . . . the 2014 Semi Annual Sale

It’s that one time of year that finally get to splurge and won’t feel guilty. Well, sort of. I’m talking about the Semi-Annual Sale folks! Bath & Body works and Victoria’s Secret have two major sales a year that usually last 2-3 weeks. I would almost say you can stop shopping all year and just stock up during the sale that would even last you till the next sale OR EVEN TIL THE NEXT YEAR! Here are my tips and ticks the Holiday Semi Annual sales.

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul

Bath & Body Works Winter 2014 Semi Annual Sale

Obviously, you would think this post is about “Greed”. =) Close! Imma show you how this is all possible without breaking the bank. Who wouldn’t love that?!

1. Coupons! -DUH!
– First off, BBW has a 3 day grace period! 3 Days before & after the coupon expires!
– BBW allows you to use multiple coupons but you have to split them into different transaction.

2. Don’t limit your self to one location, as a crazy person I went to multiple BBWs and some carry different products on sale. And some carry different prices.

3. Check out the Outlet! The BBW outlet carries discontinued items and different prices!

4. It is not necessary to rush out to the stores the first day. The first day will allow you better selections BUT if you wait towards the END of the sale (say the last weekend) many stores want to get rid of their unsold items by doing that they’re willing to almost give it away! You can check their sales on their Facebook which changes daily.

5. Don’t throw out your receipts! the bottom is a $10 OFF coupon that Never expires! You can fill out the survey HERE.

Bath & Body Works Survey coupon

$10 OFF BBW coupon

Next OFF Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale

Victoria's Secet Winter Semi Annual Sale 2014

Victoria’s Secret SAS Haul

I have to admit I felt awkward posting my bras but wait till I tell you guy how much I paid! If you know anything about VS, you know its not cheap. So stock up now if your needing any bras or panties. Hehe.

Lotions were $1.99 !!- Reg: $12/ Or $20 depending on product line
All bras were$15 ! Reg: $48
Sport Bra were $15 ! Reg: $49
PINK hoodie were $10 ! Reg: $38

Remember how I said hold off till the last day? Well, originally prices were higher but I went in again the last few days of the sale and THEY WERE CUT DOWN EVEN MORE! This is a great time to use your secrets rewards card! And of course any coupons or gift cards from the holidays.

Bath and Body works Semi Annual Sale Receipt

BBW savings Receipt

I dunno about you guys but as cheap as I am I can say I was happy with my purchases. I held out on spending all year and splurge during the sale which you can see will last me for awhile. If you missed this sale don’t worry the next one will be in June. Which is only 5 more months away. =) Happy Savings everyone!