Empty Palettes-Comparisons

Let’s Free-style!!– Palettes that is…

MAC palette, MAC pro palette, Z palette, empty palette, eye shadow palette

What if I told you can design and create your own palette? With the perfect shadows, blushes, and your go to lip color?

This is where the empty palette comes in. Empty Palettes have been a staple not even to makeup artists out there but to the everyday girl like you and me. Who should benefit from these palettes the most? Makeup Junkies!!! Can you imagine carrying ALL that makeup everywhere!?

 Today’s post will be on today’s most popular empty palettes. This will help you decide which palette is right for you and which brand should you go with.

mac palette, mac original palette

MAC Palette, $16
This was my first empty palette. I’ve used it for a year before giving it back to my aunt. This was one of the first high-end empty palettes out on the market. Every makeup artist will have this in their collection. This palette was matte black with the plain MAC logo on the front. You can either buy an insert for 15 eye shadows OR 6 blushes OR simply go Free-styling and have your makeup roam freely. This was a very light-weight simple on the go palette. It’s thin enough that it never takes up room while traveling or storage. – This palette has been discontinued and is no longer available.

So what’s the problem? It’s TOO light-weight. I can’t tell you how many MAC eye shadows I broke when I had this palette. And those eye shadows weren’t cheap! Even when I haven’t dropped the palette I would open it and see my eye shadows broken into a million pieces. *Heart Ache* – This palette was so depressing to me I had to return it back to my aunt. (who I originally took it from hehe)

– Note: Please correct me if the price is incorrect.

z palette, eyeshadow palette, empty palette

Z Palette $20, This is the ever so popular Z palette. The Z-palette is clear in front making it easier for you to see right away what is in your palette it is made out of cardboard. This palette comes in SOoo many designs. Everything from bright colors, animal prints, neutral colors, you name it! They even come in different shapes such as dome shaped (round corners) for more rounded off makeup packaing, mini Z-palettes for on the go, and EXTRA large palettes to fit your whole collection in there!

What’s wrong with this palette?
I wish it was more convenient to pick up at the store and was available to take a look at in person to see the different sizes and patterns PLUS everywhere online the shipping is pretty high considering they have a weight to them. Oddly enough my MUG (Makeup Geek eye shadows) stick to these palettes like GLUE! It’s actually hard to take them out which is a good thing BUT my MAC eye shadows magnet reacts differently. The MAC eye shadows will stick to the palette but it’s not a strong hold. Sadly, I have broken a few eye shadows while using this palette.

Another problem I have with this palette is this palette is hard to clean. Yes, I understand all palettes get dirty but these will stain the front clear lid-making it look less shiny, dirty, and old.

mac pro palette, mac palette, mac cosmetics, empty palette

MAC PRO palette, this is the new MAC palette that has replaced the original. When this palette first came out it was $30 now you can get it as low as $8! It comes in one color and two different sizes- Single side or DUO side. Just like the MAC original you can buy a 15 eye shadow insert or a 6 blush insert or have NO insert. The casing is made out of plastic.

This palette is heavy duty and sturdy, which made me automatically think NO MORE broken eye shadows!!—WRONG!! Funny thing is, this is the opposite of the Z-palette. My MAC eye shadows would fit in here perfectly while my MUG eye shadows would fit loosely. So I’ve broken a few MUG eye shadows with this palette. ARE YOU SEEING A PATTERN?! – I can say though this palette has the least amount of broken eye shadows.

The MAC pro palette can be purchased at any MAC store or MAC counter making this easy to pick up.

mac pro palette, mac palette inserts, mac cosmetics

MAC PRO Inserts $2 each,

Top Photo: 15x eye shadow insert

Bottom Photo: 6x blush insert

If you’re curious, the original MAC palette inserts are shaped the exact same way but the material is made differently. The MAC Pro inserts are a lot sturdier and you can tell the quality is much better.

mac cosmetics, mac palettes, mac blush palette, mac eyeshadow palette, mac pro palette

For the MAC Pro palette I purchased the DUO option, meaning I have two sides to put my makeup in. This is a total upgrade from the MAC original. In this photo, you can see a middle clear tab to separate the left and right side. The tab helps getting other products from getting into each other. You don’t want your powder inside your lipsticks– EWww…

I inserted bronzer and powder on the left side, and my neutral eye shadows on the right. I love having the option of having my whole face makeup in ONE palette organized to take with me traveling.

Let’s Compare …

z palette, makeup palette, mac pro palette, empty palettes, z palette, makeup palette, mac pro palette, empty palettes,

Here are the two palettes next to each other. You can see that the Z-palette is HALF the height and depth of the MAC Pro. This isn’t a con or a pro, this really just depends on what type of makeup you own.

Final Conclusions: So after discussing all the palettes which one would I recommend most to people? To be honest, this was a close call but I would have to go with…

z palette, neon z palette, empty palette, eye shadow palette

That being said I picked the Z-palette because it is the most convenient. With its cardboard box packaging (softer material than MAC pro) is fits pretty much everywhere without being damage. The MAC pro hard plastic case is bulky and heavy enough that I feel as I would drop it. – With this case I feel as there’s a chance that not on the shadows would break but so would the case.

I would consider trying the MAC pro Single palette next time to see if a lot less lighter.

Since the MAC pro palette is much more affordable and more convenient to purchase I would still recommend it to anyone looking for an empty palette, I’m just saying I PREFER the Z-palette over the MAC pro palette.

I do believe everyone needs at least  in their collection.I hope this post would help you decide on what to look for the next time you’re on the hunt for a palette. If you have some recommended empty palettes please share! I’m sure everyone would love to know what’s the new hottest palette.

Have a good day!



  • Don’t limit yourself to purchasing only already depot items. You can depot them yourself- meaning you can take the makeup out of the packaging and attach them to your empty palette.
  • If your interested in the Z-palette, Check out MakeupGeek– They usually have the best prices with cheaper shipping.
  • Be careful buying too many palettes – sometimes you’ll spend more money because you’ll have the feeling of you’ll have to fill up the empty palette.
  • Not buying the palette insert will fit more products in the palette.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsor review. I purchased these items with my own money. I was not paid to review or say these things.

4 responses to “Empty Palettes-Comparisons

  1. Jacquie Navarro

    I’ve seen so many of these empty palettes around but haven’t actually looked into them. This helps a lot and can’t wait to try the Z palette- as soon as I save up a few bucks for it 🙂


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