Circle Lens Review: Pinky Paradise | GEO TRI-COLOR GREEN

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Today, we are doing something different. I’m reviewing a pair of circle lenses!

So what are circle lenses?Circle lenses are a big trend in Asia. They’re contacts/colored contacts that enlarges your eyes making you look wide awake, brighten, and dolly like. Even though it started as a trend in Asia, Top celebrities such as Lady Gaga are rockin’ them.  

Where to purchase circle lenses?  I purchased these lens from Pinky Paradise- largest online circle lenses store. I picked this site due to the high ratings and strong suggestions from my friends. Pinky Paradise has TONS of circle lenses and they provide GEO Anti- Fake system circle lenses along with free express shipping for order $130, 100% secure online shopping… and BEST of all Free cutie animal lens case and a free gift!!! YAYyyyy !!!

NOTE: Please be careful purchasing circle lenses online. There are stories out there of FAKE circle lens. Fake circle lenses will cause serious damage to your eyes.

On to the Review…

GEO TRI Color Green

 geo tri color, circle lenses, pinky paradise, green circle lenses Manufacturer: Geo Medical Country of Origin: South KoreaUse Period: 1 year DisposableWater content: 38 %Diameter: 14.00 mmBase curve: 8.6 mmColor: Green

 To order these lenses click here [X]

I was looking for natural[ish] circle lenses. I read up on how green, gray, and brown circle lenses will best fit tanned skin. The GEO Tri Color Green AKA World Color Green lenses has a yellow ring in the inside fading out to the green giving it a natural effect. This a forest green shade lenses.

Comfort: I can wear these lenses for 5 hours before they start drying out my eyes. To some people that isn’t a long time but the rule of thumb is to actually NOT wear your circle lenses for longer than 6 hours. Even though I can only wear them for 5 hours, these are the most comfortable circle lenses I own.

Enlarging Effect: Since these circle lenses don’t have a black limbal ring it doesn’t have n enlarging effect. So if you’re wanting that BIG EYES dolly look these aren’t for you.  

My Experience with : Despite the large selection of lens on the website, the website was easy to navigate. Since most circle lens are located outside the states shipping takes much longer. I read that my shipping would take 3-4 weeks for shipping but I did not read the part stated 10 days to process. So me being as inpatient as I am I kept emailing them asking where my package was. And each time they reply they were always professional and friendly. SO! That being said if you are impatient you should upgrade your shipping. Regular shipping starts at $5, so that you can’t complain. My package came in a small neatly packed sturdy box.


circlelens, pinkyparadise, green lenses, beauty, GEO tri color Green circlelens, pinkyparadise, green lenses, beauty, dolly eyes, GEO tri color green

Final say/ Recommendation: If you’re new or a beginner to circle lens I would recommend these lens since they’re not over powering. They do give a slight enlargement but not the average large eyes dolly look. These remind me more of my Freshlook colored contacts more than my regular circle lenses so this is a good start off pair. I wear these more than any other of my circle lenses but they’re not quite my “perfect” pair of circle lenses. I am still on the hunt for those.

 RATINGS: ***3/5 STARS  

And for Pinky Its scary purchasing orders outside the country so I’m glad I found a site I can trust. –If you sign up for update emails you update on their newest pair of circle lens along with other beauty items.

Will I order from them again? -Yes, but this time I will suck it up and pay for upgraded shipping.

  circlelens, pinkyparadise, green lenses, beauty, Geo tri color green

Tips for Circle Lenses?

  • Carry an extra contact case and solution in your purse just in case if you have to take them out from discomfort.
  • Dry eyes should go for higher water circle lenses for moisture
  • Wear makeup with your circle lenses but Natural makeup. Wearing natural makeup makes your eyes the center of attention and making them more realist that they are your real eyes. –Wearing NO makeup with your lenses make you look like an alien and your eyes are abnormally large.
  • False lashes are a must!

Thank you again for reading!



PinkyParadise was kind enough to offer my viewers a coupon code!

Just enter “Beautysins”  as the coupon code.

By entering this coupon code:
1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gift
2. The coupon code can be stacked, If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts.
3. A minimum of 1 pair of circle lens purchased to activate the code.
4. The code has no expired dates 🙂


DISCLAIMER: May contain affilated links. I was not paid to say these things nor was I sent these lenses. I purchased these lenses with my own money. These are my honest opinion.

12 responses to “Circle Lens Review: Pinky Paradise | GEO TRI-COLOR GREEN

  1. Love this eye color!


  2. Hello! I tagged you to do the Liebster Awards tag. I hope you don’t mind 😀


  3. judyandmakeup

    I’ve been wearing contacts for hmm maybe 9 years now and can’t live without em’! I’ve toyed with the idea of using colored ones, but still haven’t done it.


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