YSL stick concealer, YSL multi-action concealer, YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNESSo before we talked about how great multi-tasking products can be. Today, we are talking about the YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNES – Multi-Action Concealer retails for $37. Fancy isn’t it?

Concealers are one of those things you can use over and over. You can conceal blemishes, under eye circles, scars… and so on. But don’t you wish you can have it all?

Well according to YSL’s award winning concealer you can! – This concealer claims to be light and creamy enough to conceal dark under eyes while also covering blemishes.

YSL STATES: This densely pigmented concealer was specially formulated for the delicate skin under the eye area, but can be used anywhere on the face. The beveled tip and creamy texture allow for precise application, eliminating the look of imperfections while reducing inflammation and puffiness. Light diffusing pigments fade away even the worst blemishes. For all skin types.

Shades Available: [1] Ivory Beige, [2] Nude Beige, [3] Pink Beige, [4]Gold Beige

YSL stick concealer, YSL multi-action concealer, YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNES

Looks like a lipstick, doesn’t it?
My shade is [2] Nude Beige


PACKING: People! We are talking about YSL! Of course the packing is going to be high-end very luxury with its beautiful gold light-weight packing (perfect for traveling and on the go) Since the case is a gold metal like material it leaves tons of finger prints making it look dirty all the time.

PRODUCT:  Sadly, this product only has 4 shades. Very limited. That being said, I think most people will have a hard time finding a shade mostly if you’re ordering online. I agree this product is very pigmented and creamy.

PERFORMANCE:  As I stated the concealer is creamy and pigmented. It is creamy, for a stick concealer but dries down to a slightly powder finish. Making it a little drying for the under eyes. That is why I usually recommend liquid/cream concealers for under the eyes. – It does leave a nice slight highlighted look. Yet it is pigmented, it did not covered my under eyes circles.

For blemishes and scars? I think it can cover small lightly colored blemish but I don’t think its full coverage enough to cover anything that needs heavy duty concealing. I can still see some redness peeking through my blemish.

I really love the texture of the concealer but I don’t feel it is a long lasting concealer.

YSL multi-action concealer, YSL stick concealer

NOTE: Noticed how my veins are covered but are still peeking through?


  • Light weight/small packaging
  • Pigmented
  • Can cover small blemishes
  • Nice texture- very creamy


  • Not enough shades
  • Not pigmented to cover severe under eyes
  • Not pigmented for severe blemishes
  • Not long lasting
  • Price

YSL stick concealer, YSL multi-action concealer


AH! It breaks my heart how much I love YSL and this product was a fail for me. With the high ratings and award winning title I had high hopes. BUT I cannot recommend this for my viewers with the $37 price tag! It’s really not a horrible product.  I just have other concealers that half or more than half the price that does the same thing or performs even better.

 What this product would be great for is a on the go product. Meaning you can take it with you in your purse and touch up during the day.

WARNING with its metal like case it could melt the product inside.

RATING:  *** 3.5/ 10 STARS

You can purchase this at YSL, Sephora, Nordstrom, or Wherever YSL cosmetics are sold.

I hope you find this review helpful. Thank you again for reading.

Have a good day!




Disclaimer: What may not work for me might work for you. Vice-versa. Everyone has different skin types and preference. This product was not sent to me nor was I sponsored. I bought this product with my own money.

4 responses to “YVES SAINT LAURENT ANTI-CERNES – Multi-Action Concealer- REVIEW

  1. I really think that if I’m going to pay that amount for a concealer, it better cover my damn under eye circles! 😀 Sorry it didn’t work out so well 😦


  2. I love your blog and nominate you for the Liebster Award!


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