Makeup for Valentine’s Day ?

Inglot 2014, Valentine, Inglot flyer 2014,makeup

So when Inglot emailed me this beautiful ad promoting their products for Valentine.

I  . . . . 

A) Rushed out and and bought their products?

B)  Called up all my besties and talked about how awesome their products are?

C) Made my husband go buy me their products for my valentine gift?


Sorry guys! Trick question! I RECREATED their look. 

Inglot,Valentine 2014, Inglot Ad

I used their face chart to recreate their look. I did used Inglot eye shadows but you can easily use what you got at home. The trick is to draw a black cat eye then go over it a few times with a bright purple eye shadow. Personally, I think this look screams Valentines Day with the girly colors of pink and purple. If this look is too much for you, you can always replace the hot pink lips with a more natural lip like nudes.  This is not a sponsor review but I LOVE Inglot eye shadows. They’re the best shadows for the price. I go crazy during their Black Friday Sale every year.

I used Inglot #359 on the lid and Inglot #325 for the cat eyed and Inglot gel eyeliner #76 gofer the base.

Inglot face chart, Valentine 2014, Inglot ad

Tell me what are you doing for Valentines Day and  what is your favorite look for Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day 


18 responses to “Makeup for Valentine’s Day ?

  1. so pretty! I love it! such a valentine look (:


  2. Your eyes are huge ❤ got twitter?


    • Lol they’re only huge for Asian eyes. No I should start a twitter! I made a pintrest for my blog but I’m never on it. Lol


      • How can that be, pinterest is soooo addictive haha


      • Lol I think I was trying to figure out how to add the pintrest button on my blog. I was bummed that after I made my pintrest there was no button for it. Your so up to date with all the social media! That’s good!


      • You need to get a twitter, facebook, bloglovin and put the buttons on your blog. It’s easier to keep in touch with other bloggers on twitter 😀 and if you want to blog for freebies or money companies usually want you to have social media like these


      • Yeah that makes sense. I kinda like to think of it as doing it just for fun more than work but I guess you’ll have to put in a lot to get a lot out of it. Plus imma be starting a new job I dunno how imma keep up with all this blogging then.


  3. Hey, beautiful! I really see you going far with this blogging thing sooooo, I nominated you for the Shine On Award! 🙂 Head over to my blog to see and for directions!


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