The Playa


BOO!!! We don’t like playas!!! Well! In this case we do! Sometimes, we get sucked into commercials and ads so often we rush out and buy products that we pretty much already have at home. You’ll be surprised when you go through your old makeup drawers and see you’ll find =)

Wet N Wild Eye Primer, Take on the day eye primer

Wet N Wild Shimmery eye primer $4.99 (varies), Cream Products, This is overall cream products (Does not have to be this brand or specifically this product) . This product was made for prepping your eye shadows

Alternative uses:

  • Use on top of cheek bones or brow bone for high lighter
  • Apply product on top on the center of your eye shadow-This would enlarge your eyes.
  • Apply on top of cupids bow OR center of your bottom lip to enhance your lips.

Aceite Oil 3, beauty oils

Oils (This one is ACEITE 3)- This ranges anywhere from almond oil, coconut oil, castor, olive, jojoba oil, NOT Vegetable cooking oil!, Prices may vary $0.99-$5.99.

Oils are a SUPER-playa (LOL), not only is it great at multi-tasking you probably have some laying around the house so no need to go to the store. They can be picked up at your local pharmacy (CVS or Walgreens) or regular stores (Walmart or Target).

Alternative uses:

  • Hair Serum
  • Cuticle oil
  • Eyelash serum- Don’t expect Kim K lashes but I apply a small amount nightly and noticed the missing patches are filling in.
  • Dry patches for skin- Do not over apply you will be oily.
  • Eye/lip makeup remover
  • Lip balm

Sonia Kashuk Fluffy eye brush, multi-task products

Fluffy Eye brush, (No specific brand-This one is Sonia Kashuk), Once again probably already in your collection. If not they are easily located –Unless you live in middle of nowhere or the jungle. Ranges from high-end or pharmacy-Or once again Walmart. Favorite affordable brand: Eco tools, Real Techniques, and Sonia Kashuk.

Alternative uses: – OR ways of using

  • Applying OR blending shadow
  • Blending Concealer
  • Applying highlighter
  • Applying/blending bronzer
  • Applying cream products- eye primer


Maybelline Concealer, Concealer, liquid concealer, multi-task products

Concealers– Again, you should already have in your collection. Usually when you think of concealers you think covering blemishing but they are so much more.

Alternative uses:

  • Of course covering imperfections- dark circles and blemishes
  • Eye primer
  • High lighting (lighter shades) , Contouring (darker shades)
  • Shaping brows- applying skin tone shade or lighter on areas of the brow making them more define and no needing to pluck extra hairs.

Lumene BB Cream, bb cream, multi-use products,

BB Creams This guy is natural a playa, He is MADE to be multi-function. What is a BB cream?? Foundation + Skin care= BB Cream. That’s right! Skin care in your makeup making your foundation/tinted moisturizer healthier for your skin! You can pick them up at your local drugstore or simply make your own.

Ingredients: Foundation, Moisturizer, Skin care product (SPF or light serum or day cream)

Alternative uses:

  • Tinted moisturizer- for work days- Use less foundation for light coverage
  • Foundation- Opposite use more for MORE coverage-for night time or days that need it.
  • Skin care- While its covering it’s also good for your skin- the SPF blocks sun while the moisturizer keeps it hydrated.
  • Face PRIMER- Keeping your face even toned or making your making your makeup last longer.

multi-use products, multi-task beauty products

These are the few multi-task products I have to show you guys today. Multi-uses aren’t just great for saving $$ but they’re a fun way to get creative. There is no limit with beauty!! So before you start playa hating, think outside the box. =) Tell me what are your multi-use products!

Have a wonderful day


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