Battle of the Blending Brushes

Blending brushes, eyeshadow brush

We all know the key to a great Smokey eye is to blend, unless you’re trying to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. Every girl should have at least ONE blending brush in her collection! Shoot! I’m sure even clowns own blending brushes. Let’s face it, brushes are not cheap, and there’s tons of them! So, which one do I go for? Which one should I skip? OR which one goes with my eye shape. Today, I am giving you the scoop on my blending brushes.

MAC 217, eyeshadow brush

MAC 217  $24, this very popular brush is universal. It fits from small eyes to large eyes and most eye shapes. This is a fluffy goat hair brush that is pinched at the base allowing you to pick up color while blending. You can do your whole eye look with this ONE brush! How magically does that sound?

Coastal Scents PRO Fluff Blender

Coastal Scents Pro Blending Brush, Ah… looks familiar?? Yes, this brush looks and works like the MAC 217. The quality may not be exactly the same but by a reduce price tag you are able to get multiple! What’s the big difference between this and MAC 217? Uh, the cost. This brush runs for $4.95.

WAIT! Don’t stop there! Every year they run a 50% off on their Black Friday making this brush about $2.50! Talk about Extreme Couponing!

MAC 217, Coastal Scents Pro Fluff brush, Eye shadow brush

MAC 217 VS CS = If you can’t tell the difference why should I tell you? Okay… my MAC one is dirtier.

MAC 224 brush, Eyeshadow brush

MAC 224 $32, This soft done shaped brush  not only is it great for blending eye shadow it’s great for blending concealer. Because of its large size I do not recommend it for smaller eyes.

Sigma E 35, Sigma beauty, eyeshadow brush

Sigma E35 $14 , this large dome brush is made for blending an allover eye look. This brush is compared to the MAC 224 except it has goat hair. This brush SCRATCHES my eye and its SHEDS a lot! But I guess for it being HALF the price of the MAC 224 you can’t complain too much.

Coastal Scents Classic Blender

Coastal Scents Classic Blender $4.99, Since I mention the MAC 224 was too large for smaller eyes this Coastal Scents brush would be a great option for an allover blending brush. Even though it’s pinched at base the bristles are loose making it fluff out.

Sephora PRO airbrush concealer 57

Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 $24,
this brush is AH-MAZING! It’s super soft and blends like a PRO! Blends concealer, foundation, eye shadow, you name it! But of course the price.

ELF Flawless Concealer brushELF Flawless Concealer Brush $3, I am not saying this is a complete dupe for the Sephora Pro Concealer brush, I’m just saying $24….VS $3. You do the math… Just Saying… =)

MAC 188, Elf stippling concealer brush


MAC 188 $35 , Okay I cheated, I got this brush at CCO for $20 but retails for $35. This small duo fiber brush does the same thing the Sephora brush does but it has loose bristles instead of dense. ELF Small stippling brush $3.

Lastly these are a few recommend brushes:

Laura Mercier Finishing brush,blending eye brush

Laura Mercier Finishing Eye brush $32, Okay if you can really splurge on ONE brush this is it! Because it is tapered (pointed) it reaches into the crease perfectly, the duo fiber bristles making it effortless to blend all your eye shadows. –I will be sad if I lose this brush.

Essential Tools Hi-Def. Deluxe Eye Duo set, Walmart brush

Essential Tools Hi-Def. Deluxe Eye Duo $6-$8, Surprise!!! It’s from Walmart. It’s a fairly larger brush but it’s great for an allover blending brush concealer blending. The Flatter brush I would use for blending shadows, cheek highlighter, or applying a light wash of color over your eyes.

PHEWWW…. That Was ALL the RUN DOWN on blending brushes!

Make up goes on and on and on. .  .  I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. As you can see you can NEVER have too many brushes HAHAHA =) but it’s always nice to have a little cash in your pockets by saving. There is an alternative option for everything. Even brushes…

Good Night,



6 responses to “Battle of the Blending Brushes

  1. The Sephora concealer is my favorite, nice writing too.


  2. Loved your comparisons with the cheaper brushes! I’ve always been wary of cheap brushes, but ever since I purchased e.l.f.’s kabuki for $6 (and it feels high quality, no bristles have fallen out) I’m always on the lookout for more cheap finds!


    • Aw thank you! Yeah sigma used to be the way to go but now that they increased their prices I probably won’t be buying any for awhile. With this economy who can afford expensive brushes 😀


  3. What a great post! I actually happen to LOVE the e.l.f flawless concealer brush and the small stippling brush—they go over and beyond their true functions!


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