BRRRrrr….. It’s Cold Outside!

Winter Must HavesI dunno about you guys but during the winter my face feels like I just got Botox! And not in a good way…. I have combination skin but during these cold times my skin still gets pretty dry. I’ve always been told I have perfect skin. HELLO! *NEWS FLASH* Nobody has perfect skin! Victoria Secret Angels are even are brushed! That’s cause the people outside don’t see what I have to go through to make my skin look this way. My poor husband has to see me look like Shrek every once in a while with my mud mask. =D So sit back, get a cup of hot chocolate, and burn a Bath and Body Works candle and lets get started…

Clarisonic Mia, Winter must haves, Winter Skin care,

Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic. Yes, It is an investment but now these days you can get the MIA one for a discounted price. I got mine at the outlet for $100! You’ll be surprised how much makeup is still left on your face. EEeWwww…– Please don’t not use this more than twice a week,  IF you have dry skin just use ONCE a week or ONCE every two weeks.

Dead Sea, Mudd Mask, Winter skin care, winter must haves

Dead Sea Mud Hydrating Mask

The Dead Sea Mud Mask, this is the stuff that has your man saying,”Uhh…There’s dirt on your face”. I tried plenty of masks and most of them are about the same, the reults only last for a day so I was quite surprised when I got mine at TJ MAXX for $3.99 and my face was so hydrated for almost a week! WARNING! This stuff does BURN at first! Ah beauty is pain.

Tree Hut Body Scrub,Winter skin care, Winter must have

Tree Hut Body Scrub

Tree Hut scrub, well we scrub our face only makes sense we scrub our bodies… Scruba Dubb Dubb… I get mine at Walmart. Very affordable, Smells great! And it’s Natural ingredients =)

Lush Lip Scrub

Lush Lip Scrub

Don’t forget those lips too! Who wants to makeout with crusty lips? Heheh… This is the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush. I enjoyed the flavor but if you ask me go get some Free lip scrub! Located in your kitchen.(Sugar-brown or white & Olive Oil) Tahhh Dahhh!!! 

Tarte Maracuja oil

Tarte Maracuja oil

Face oils! If you don’t own any, then get out from under your rock! Oils is the new big thing! For combination/oily skin I recommend the Tarte Maracuja Oil  for Dry/combination skin I recommend the Josie Moran Argan Oil . You can get the trial size for $15, for a travel size it lasted for me awhile, you’ll thank me later.

The Body Shop Honey body butter, Winter must have, Winter Skin care

The Body Shop Honey body butter

Top everything off with our favorite body butter. Body Butters are lotions on steroids =) Highly recommend the The Body Shop body butter. I got mine on sale which still going on now.

Tom Ford Fall Lip Color

Tom Ford Fall Lip

Ysl Fall lip

YSL Fall Lip

 Let’s end this note with a fashion statement, the fall lip color trend. This ranges from everything from Plums, Burgundy, Wines, Deep reds, the list goes on and on. I think anybody can pull this off. Well with the Right shade anyways. If you don’t feel bold enough for the dark lip trend, try a sheer lip color or even a gloss.

Well now that you all know my secrets, you’ll all be glowing like J-Lo. Or… Rudolph… Let me know what are your winter essentials?  Hope you enjoyed this post!



27 responses to “BRRRrrr….. It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Ekkkkk! Tom ford and ysl lipstick! My fave! After reading ur review about the clairasonia- makes me want to get one too!


  2. Nga Vo-Cunningham

    I love face oils! I’ve been using Ole Henriksen but now I definitely have try out the Tarte Maracuja oil. Also I’m soo into oil cleansers now.


    • My favorite is actually the Josie maran! I haven’t tried the ole henriksen. But it’ll be next on my list. Have u tried the Josie one? Maybe the light version would be good for oily skin?!


  3. I am obsessed with my Josie Maran Argan Oil.. no matter what else comes into my routine, I still find myself reaching for it. Especially in the winter!

    And I must confess, I love my Clarisonic Mia, too!! I use it every night though.. because my face doesn’t feel clean unless I use it! :\ What have you heard about using too often?


    • The Clarisonic? Well the last time I over used it I broke out like crazy! Then when I stopped using it my makeup started looking cakey. Lol I guess we can never win… Have you tried the new Josie Maran Light Argan oil?


      • Haha yeah I guess it’s finding the perfect balance for your skin. 🙂

        I haven’t tried the light argan oil because my skin is so dry.

        I’ve been wanting to try cleansing oils though! Have you tried any?


      • I tried the Josie maran! You can get the sample size for $10 at sephora! It left residue behind but it had great reviews? I’m actually planning to do a review on the new Garnier oil cleanser. I’ll give you a heads up if it’s good!


      • Ooo nice! Yeah let me know either way! 🙂 I love that you have a good mix of higher end and drugstore products.


      • For sure! Same hoes for you! I’ll be looking out for reviews on your blog! 😃


      • You too! 🙂

        P.s. I live in Vancouver, where do you live?


      • I live in Austin,TX! The center of Texas. I heard great things about Vancouver, always wanted to go! Have u been to Texas?


      • Cool! I’ve heard Austin is a great place and I have wanted to visit for some time. I have a good friend that just moved to the Dallas area but I haven’t been to Texas yet!


      • Yeah it’s a great place to visit! Dallas is more city, Austin is city with a little nature. Hills,lakes, you name it! I heard Vancouver is cold most of the time? Is it nicer during summer time?


  4. Love Tree Hut Scrub! You’re so gorge. Def following!


  5. Great post! Joise Maran is a great oil, I cant use the Maracuja it breaks me out. Bocia’s Tsubaki oil it fabulous!!


  6. Awesome review!!! Tarte’s Maracuja Oil does wonders!!! ❤ it! I have yet to try the Josie one 😛
    I didn't know Body Shop had a Honey Body Butter! I'll have to check it out! I'm obsessed with the Shea Body Butters from there. Ps. Love your blog 🙂


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